Photography & Drone work

How it works

If your new project needs some bespoke imagery or a sky-high view of your surrounding area that’s never been seen before, we can travel to anywhere in the whole of Ireland and capture it for you. With over two decades of photography experience and over 5 years of experience in drone handling, we’ll make sure we get the best shots possible.

What we cover

Whether you need photos, drone footage, or both, we have you covered!

Drone Footage

Since drones have become more widely available in recent years, we jumped on the bandwagon as soon as we could. We use the most recent and up-to-date drones for all of our work so you get the highest quality footage and imagery possible.

Our drones can film in up to 4k 60fps which will give you a crisp and smooth final cut of your project. We’ll work around your schedule as well as the unpredictable weather, so we can get the clear and clean shot you’re looking for.


With over two decades of photography experience, we know a thing or two about taking a good photo. We’ll take any kind of photos for your project and make sure they’re the best quality possible.

We cover all aspects of post photo editing as well, so you’ll get an already edited final image when they’re ready to be sent to you.


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