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About Quinnee

With Quinnee, you get a team of highly skilled designers, developers and digital marketers that are focused on helping your business generate consistently outstanding results online, all of the time.

Our Approach to Web Design and Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

This ethos together with our outstanding skillsets and vast experience allow us to create eye-catching content that converts! To build websites that achieve goals and to design personalised brand experiences that drive your business towards your objectives.

We are a small but very focused agency, our passion and desire for what we do is what makes us stand out above the rest. We are expert in Web-Design, all areas of social media, branding, SEO and have worked with Google since their inception of Adwords. We have vast experience.

Our Values

We have many values but three of these are at the route of every project that we embark on.


From the first step to the last, we treat every project the same.  We remain focused and diligent so that complacency never creeps in meaning every project is treated with the care and respect that it deserves.  We leave no stone unturned in our drive for perfection.


The online world of web design and digital marketing moves at lightning speed. In order to stay with this tide of constant change requires constant updating and honing of our knowledge base.  We invest a lot of time and resources in our professional development so that we can continue to give you the very best up to date service available. 


Web Design and Digital Marketing are a complex affair and require a consistent approach so that the outcome is always one of a favourable nature.  Via this method of working we also achieve consistency for our clients who can be safe in the knowledge that when they use Quinnee.com they will receive a service that is impeccable. 

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"I approached the team at Quinnee to take over our social media accounts, They are doing an amazing job so far. The tips and advice i have been given has been such a help when it comes to our accounts. Leaving us feeling more confident when it comes to using all the different social media platforms along side the team at Quinnee. So thank you to the team for all the hard work you are putting in to our accounts.



"Quinnee have been amazing and so supportive. I approached the company when i started my own business and they have worked along side me every step of the way. The website designed by the team is exactly what i wanted. I highly recommend Quinnee.



"amazing job from quinnee, patrick in particular was amazing with what I needed. constantly in contact with me to develop my new website for work. really handy and knowledgeable when I wasn't sure what I needed/wanted in certain areas. would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a site.



"I honestly couldn't of done a better job myself, from start to finish I had full contact with them, they were very good with making sure I had what I wanted with my site, and even if I was happy with what was sent to me, they double checked that was exactly what I wanted before proceeding further with the task at hand, Overall very good! Thank you again.



"Would just like to thank everyone at Quinnee. Did a great job for us from start to finish. Including all of the marketing our site needed after it was built. What really helped was the fact that they have been involved in over 200 startups across many business types so we were guided expertly throughout all of the processes. Thanks,



"It was a pleasure working with quinnee.com from the start of the process of building our site to the ongoing support that we received. They offer sound advice, great know-how on a huge number of areas and were available when needed very quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.



"Excellent. Very professional, responsive and followed the remit perfectly. Thank you.


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